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Thank you for your interest! Our bar service is currently unavailable. Please check back for updated menus and schedules.


Dragon’s Tale $14
Sauza 100% agave Blanco tequila,, lemon juice, lavender & honey, syrup, lavender bitters

Breath of Fire $13
100% Agave Reposado Tequila, jalepenos, farm fresh grapefruit & lime juices

Noble Hooch $15
Aviation gin, Luxardo cherry liqueur, Hibiscus grenadine, farm fresh grapefruit & lime juice

Saphira’s Tear $12
Aviation gin, blueberry-sage syrup, soda water

Your Tai $15
Kuleana rum, fresh lime, POG, Falernum liqueur, organic orgeat, Grand Marnier, dark rum

A Slain Knight $14
Pyrat spiced rum, Falernum liqueur, fresh orange, pineapple, lime juice, Hibiscus grenadine,

Wizard’s Elixir $16
Bulleit Rye, St. George Absinthe, touch of local honey, Angostura, Peychaud’s bitters, drop of water

The Dark Keep $16
Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon or Rye, Antica Formula sweet vermouth, black walnut bitters, of course a Luxardo cherry & a bit of juice!

Potion of Passion $12
Vodka, lilikoi syrup, soda water

Blood Moon $16
Bar-made fresh tomato juice blend, your spirit choice


Big Island Brewhaus $7
ABV-5.0% IBU-33

Big Island Brewhaus $7
Overboard I.P.A. ABV-6.7% IBU-50

Big Island Brewhaus $7
White Mountain Porter ABV-5.8% IBU-30

Kona Brewery $6
Big Wave Golden Ale ABV- 5% IBU 15

Kona Brewery $6
Castaway IPA ABV- 7% IBU 65

Ola Brew $8
Da Unkle ABV- 4.4% IBU 15

Ola Brew $7
Porter ABV-7.6% IBU 32

Ola Brew Cider $7
Rambutan & Jaboticaba ABV-6% / 10oz.

Maui Brewing $7
Pueo Pale Ale ABV- 5.6% IBU 62

Maui Brewing $7
Big Swell IPA ABV-6.5% IBU 55

Rotating Handle $10
One off’s / 10oz.

Deschutes Brewery $10
Seasonal / 10oz.

More Local Favorites $6
Pineapple Mana, Ma’a, Longboard

Other Favorites $5
Bud Light, Corona, Heineken


Charles Smith Winery $9

Kunfu Girl
Dry Riesling

Boom Boom

Band Of Roses

Clos du Bois
Bubbled Chardonnay

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