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Psychedelic rock band Uncle Charlie brings the jams to Blue Dragon Tavern! Performing the music of the Grateful Dead, Beatles, the Band, and more. Known for their mind-bending improvisational jams, every show promises to be a unique experience. The band features Steve Fundy on guitar, Jason Sherbundy on keys, Dave Ojeda on bass, and Tim Taylor on drums.

Doors 5:30pm…show 6:30pm-9:30pm. Tickets are $10 in advance…$13 at the door (children 12 and under are free).

A rock band formed by three individuals with a true passion for music. Ever since banding together in 2000, Lucky Tongue has been privileged to share their devotion to music and live performance with fans all over the world, performing over 1,600 shows, and counting in 2022. With many music releases signed under the label Zealatone, the band continues to create and perform new music, as well as create a dynamic live show. A show composed of music that’s well-known by all ages. King Current performs revered songs that are not often heard or experienced live, a welcoming shift from the traditional cover band song selection. These songs are brimming with new electrifying energy and spirit, bringing an unexpected and exciting experience to the audience. The band holds a strong position as a three-piece, manifesting a large sound, consistently woven with brilliant harmony and backing vocals.

Doors at 5:30pm…Show 6:30pm-9:30pm. Tickets are $10 in advance…$13 at the door (children 12 and under are free).

With an electrifying mix of high-energy rock & roll (with a little bit of country mixed in for good measure), the versatile Johnny Shot band gets a crowd up and moving in no time. Their play list includes songs by the Stones, Beatles, the Who, Johnny Cash, and many more. If you like to dance, you will like this band. Let’s get this party started!

Join us at 5:30pm for a special line dance class with Shannon Winter ($10).

Doors at 5:30pm…show 6:30pm-9:30pm. Tickets are $12 in advance….$15 at the door (children 12 and under are free).

Join us for a very special night of story-telling and Hawaiian music with Brother Noland and special guests Chad Paishon & Paul Buckley of HamaJang. Doors at 5:30pm…show 6pm. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door (children 12 and under are free).

Born and raised in Kalihi-Palama on the island of Oʻahu, Brother Noland is an impactful player in Hawaiʻi’s music scene and one of Hawaiʻi’s most respected artists. While he is a man of many passions, music is the consuming passion of his life. He is a storyteller at heart and music is how he shares his stories. Music is a portal – sounds, melody and lyrics can transport you back in time, connect you to a familiar feeling, or inspire you in the moment. Brother Noland is a musical artist. Seeing him live on stage, you will step into an experience and embark on a journey to what he calls the “Crazy Aloha Music”. Always so happy, inspiring and ready to deliver. Brother Noland will keep you engaged, as he sings you sweet music, like poetry to your ears, in hopes that you will listen, not just hear, the underlying harmony he so wishes to share with you and the entire world.

Brother Noland is a legacy Hawaiian artist who has deeply influenced contemporary Hawaiian music. For nearly 40 years Brother Noland has filled the airwaves with original compositions that have become local classics and island treasures. He is most famous for timeless hits such as “Coconut Girl” and “Are You Native”, and is often credited with the birth of “Jawaiian” contemporary style music by infusing traditional Hawaiian music with reggae, jazz and blues sounds. He has won numerous Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards including Best Reggae Album and most recently the Slack Key Kiho’alu Legacy Award in 2018. His music is featured in several movies including “Pineapple Express” and “Snakes in the Plane.” Brother Noland is a regular stage performer that brings his classics to his fans and audiences, along with traditional Hawaiian music, slack key, and Hawaiian swing music. He is also a collaborator that works with many of Hawaii’s top musicians.

A true innovator, he is always out in front, changing and pushing his music to unexpected places. His songs, stories, and style have proven his talent to cross many genres and fearlessly explore the lengths of his wonderment. Brother Noland was honored in 2014 by the State of Hawai’i with a “Lifetime Achievement in Music” award and is a recipient of Hawai’i Academy of Recording Arts highest award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for the year 2019. As a Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Brother Noland is designated as a Life Member of the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts. Despite the awards and accolades, Brother Noland has never forgotten his roots and his community. Through his philanthropy, he serves as a mentor to Hawaiʻi’s youth, helping them to define their choices and foster a quality connection to their communities. Brother Noland is founder of Hōʻea Initiative, dedicated to teaching Hawaiʻi’s keiki (children) about how to live off the ʻĀina (land) and the ocean. The Hōʻea Initiative programs are a passionate effort to share universal understanding of indigenous knowledge and principles found outside in the natural world. As a steward of the land, Noland has a deep connection to Hawaiʻi and preserving Hawaiian customs, indigenous plants and animal species. In 2013, he authored the “Hawaiian Survival Handbook” where he shares the outdoor skills he has developed over a lifetime spent in Hawai’i’s forests and waters.

While music is Brother Noland’s root and wing to Hawai’i and beyond, he sees it as just one way to connect to his heritage and only one facet of what it means to be Hawaiian. His music and community spirit carries a message of positive reflection, while rooted in the reality we face today. Brother Noland proudly carries with him the values of Aloha through his music and his life. An artist, author, philanthropist, survivalist, mentor and family man, Brother Noland continually inspires and infuses creativity and innovation to pave new paths of music and humanity around the world. Whether composing a song, strumming a guitar, teaching traditional Hawaiian survival skills, or sharing the gift of aloha, Brother Noland has long been a stable of the islands and his legacy reaches far and wide. The World of Brother Noland is that of A Pure Hawaiian Vision.

The Pau Hana Pickers bring their special brand of Americana, folk, and country to the Blue Dragon for a good ole foot stompin’ time! Featuring Jonathan Brooke on guitar/vocals, Delphina Dorrance on upright bass/vocals, Jeff Quin on fiddle, and Russell Lundgren on drums.

Doors at 5:30pm…show 6:30pm-9:30pm…tickets are $10 in advance…$13 at the door (children 12 and under are free).

We wanted to meet more of the locals and bring comedy places that don’t normally get it. We are excited to come to BLUE DRAGON TAVERN with Gabe Davis (Comedy Central) and Caitlin Benson (The Improv ) and a bunch of local Hawaiian favorites to round out the lineup. Purchase tickets at this link.
Date: Friday August 2nd 2024
Location: BLUE DRAGON TAVERN 61-3616 Kawaihae Road, Waimea, Hawaii 96743
Doors Open: 7pm
Comedy Show: 8pm
Caitlin Benson(The Improv, Can’t Even Comedy Co Founder)
Gabe Davis (Comedy Central)
Yasir Bey (Pineapples Comedy)
Katie Lynn (Pineapples Comedy)
Kevin Hobbs

Los Angeles’ own rock sensations, The Falling Doves, are set to captivate the global stage with their most ambitious tour to date – the “City of Dreams World Tour” with their groundbreaking new album, “Rise of The Serpent”, and will be making their Blue Dragon debut following their tour dates in Japan. This worldwide tour celebrates the release of their highly anticipated album, recorded over six years in various locations around the world. Notably, “Rise of The Serpent” stands as a profound love letter to the city of Los Angeles, reflecting its vibrant spirit and the band’s deep connection to it.

Known for their electrifying fusion of stadium rock and Sunset Strip glam, The Falling Doves have shared the limelight with some of rock’s most iconic figures, including Cheap Trick, Echo & The Bunnymen, GNR’s Gilby Clarke, and Collective Soul. Their lineup has boasted the legendary Pete Best of The Beatles on drums, seamlessly blending the rich legacy of rock with its vibrant future. For fans of Oasis, Guns & Roses, and the pure essence of rock ‘n’ roll, The Falling Doves’ upcoming tour is set to be a landmark event, showcasing the evolution of rock music and their tribute to the City of Angels.

“Rise of The Serpent” is more than an album; it’s a voyage into the heart of rock ‘n’ roll and a heartfelt homage to Los Angeles. Showcasing The Falling Doves’ relentless drive for innovation and excellence, the album was recorded in various locations around the world over six years. This ambitious endeavor ventures into uncharted sonic landscapes, weaving together new stories and emotions, while staying true to the exhilarating, soul-stirring essence of rock. It captures the essence of Los Angeles, from its sun-drenched days to its neon-lit nights, in a musical masterpiece.

In addition to the album release, The Falling Doves are excited to announce three new singles from “Rise of The Serpent” that have already captivated audiences worldwide. “You Got That Something,” “City Of Dreams,” and a reissue track, “On Your Own,” showcase The Falling Doves’ signature sound and their ability to craft infectious rock anthems. Accompanying the album and singles, the band has released music videos for each single, further enhancing the immersive experience of their music.

To complement the musical journey, The Falling Doves have collaborated with renowned rock photographer Kelli Hayden and visual artist Pedro Walker to create captivating tour art photography and promotional artwork. These visual elements provide a unique and visually stunning narrative that amplifies the band’s artistic vision and adds depth to the overall experience.

The “City of Dreams World Tour” promises an unforgettable adventure across continents, with performances slated for Norway, New Zealand, Tokyo, the UK, the USA, Canada, Colombia, the Hawaiian Islands, Germany, Amsterdam, and more. This tour is more than a series of concerts; it’s an invitation to join The Falling Doves on a historic exploration of new frontiers in rock music, fueled by their love for Los Angeles and the audacious spirit of “Rise of The Serpent.”

“We can’t wait to hit the road with ‘Rise of The Serpent’ and share this monumental journey on the ‘City of Dreams World Tour,’” said the band. “This album, our most ambitious project to date, is our love letter to Los Angeles, representing years of exploration, creativity, and the desire to push the boundaries of rock music. We invite all rock fans, both old and new, to join us for this historic ride. Get ready for an extraordinary experience.”

Doors at 5:30pm…show 6:30pm. Tickets are $20 in advance…$25 at the door (children 12 and under are free).

Weather Permitting: A Melodic Family Saga

Born from the shared passion for music and united by blood ties, Weather Permitting isn’t just a band; it’s a harmonious fusion of family bonds and musical talent. At its core is the young piano prodigy, Mateo Belmarez, whose warm vocal stylings reminiscent of crooners such as Harry Connick Jr. and innate gift for the keys dazzles audiences and serves as the melodic heartbeat of the ensemble. Leading the rhythm section is his father, the seasoned bass player, Brad Belmarez, whose expertise sets the groove alongside his brother, the versatile and stylist guitarist, Brandon Belmarez. This familial synergy provides the band with a solid foundation and a unique musical connection that’s palpable in their performances. Adding depth and complexity to their sound, the father-son duo of John Lundgren on saxophone and Russell Lundgren on drums infuse every note with passion and precision, creating rhythmic textures that elevate the band’s compositions. Enter Bill Wingert, the star trombonist whose virtuosity adds layers of richness to Weather Permitting’s melodies, captivating audiences with each soulful slide. Moreover, the enchanting vocals of Sally Woodcock and Jamie Belmarez, who also mesmerizes on the flute, transport listeners to higher realms, while adding depth and emotional resonance to the band’s performances. Together, this ensemble, bonded by kinship and a shared love for music, delivers captivating and eclectic jazz performances leaving audiences spellbound, weather permitting.

Doors at 5:30pm…show 6:30pm-9:30pm. Tickets are $12 in advance…$15 at the door (children 12 and under are free).

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